Monday, May 28, 2012

Write What You Know?

I am amazed at how many people think that just because we write erotic, we do everything our characters do in the books. Obviously we write what we know and not what our twisted brains imagine. I find it funny that some readers thinks we erotic authors are constantly having orgies, run around in our daily lives bound and hooked, and that we all sleep with the first person we make eye contact with that day.

By that same standard, does that mean people who write about serials killers must go around acting out the murders before they can put it to page? Yes, we all research in our own ways--some by acting out our scenes, others from the safety of our computers researching online.

Personally, I enjoy living vicariously through my characters. I am not coordinated, nor limber enough to do some of the things I've asked my characters to do. This particular writer does not roam around the house in a satin negligee with a made up face and flawless hair do, as my characters. Nope, I sit on the couch in my ragged T-shirt and shorts, mascara and eyeliner smudged under my eyes, munching on chocolate and chugging diet soda. Now if that isn't sexy, I don't know what is!

How do you picture your favorite authors as they create? Or, if you are the writer, what is the method to your madness...uh, creativity?